I am a highly skilled Frontend internet developer with 7 years professional experience, looking to take my role to the next level.

I have worked with the latest client side and server side technologies for large internet commerce websites, and a mobile development agency.

I am highly motivated both individually and as a team player, used to liaising with marketing and design departments to achieve objectives, and implement new features.

I manage my workload in a pressurised fast paced environment, working to tight deadlines whilst producing top quality code.

I am experienced in all parts of development from requirements capture, technical design, implementation, testing and release.

I have used scrum and lean working practices to manage and plan team work loads as well as XP practices such as test driven development to guide the development process.

I have a personal interest in accessibility across desktop and mobile platforms.

Office Depot EU

Frontend Developer 2015-06 - Current

Sills used: Javascript, ES6, Vue.JS, jQuery, Can.JS, WebPack, Babel, require.js, AMD, nodejs, gulp, grunt, Karma, Jasmine, SCSS, CSS, HTML5, cross browser development, MVC testing,

Main Javascript developer for a large, european e-commerce company.


Mobile Web Developer 2014-04 - 2015-05

Sills used: Javascript, jQuery, Durandle.js, knockout.js, require.js, AMD, nodejs, grunt, jasmine, css, less, HTML5, cross browser development, MVC testing,

Building mobile websites for the airline industry


Frontend Developer 2013-01 - 2014-04

Sills used: Javascript, jQuery, require.js, AMD, qUnit, css, sass, HTML5, cross browser development, Python, Django, MVC testing,

My main responsibilities are to implement new designs in HTML, CSS, Javascript and python, maintain existing code, fixing bugs. The codebase has suffered from having a number of short term contractors and an ongoing task is to refactor and unify the existing frontend code. I've recently been converting or replacing the existing javascript modules from a global name-spaced system to an AMD system. I've started moving the css into scss based templates and I've also introduced client side unit tests and a style guide.

Grapple Mobile (Now called Monetise Create)

Platform Developer 2011-07 - 2012-12

Built and maintained cross platform mobile phone applications, using html5, css3 and javascript, compiled with a proprietary framework to run on iPhone, Android, J2ME based devices, and WebWorks for Blackberry. I was responsible for building an internal analytics analysis tool, built on node.js and backbone.js. The system would import data from a third party analytics provider, and compile the data so that we could compare user statistics between applications, device types and groups of apps over a dynamically selected period of time. I was instrumental in moving the company from SVN to GIT source control by helping other developers understand the concepts of good source control management, using the git command line interface, and writing a shell script to port our existing repositories.


Frontend Features Developer 2007-02 - 2011-06

My core responsibility was implementing new requirements and designs to a high standard for the Photobox website. Working with a fast turnaround, I made use of the core Internet technologies XHTML, CSS 3 and JavaScript with appropriate libraries such as jQuery. I used the Mason Perl framework to build HTML templates and process the business logic that makes up the pages. Source control was handled by a central svn repository, in which I would create project branches for merging into an integrated trunk branch after QA testing. Other responsibilities included release management to the live servers, working with product owners and designers to produce Rich Internet Applications that meet W3C functional and usability standards (as defined by the WIA and WCAG working groups). I have had professional training in advanced Perl development, scrum practices, HTML5 and CSS 3.

Hertfordshire County Council

GIS Web Developer 2006-02 - 2007-02

One year contract to develop a replacement online interactive map based on ESRI’s ArcIMS architecture. To meet current internet development and accessibility standards as well as user needs, a new viewer was developed from scratch. This relied on AJAX patterns to communicate with the ArcIMS server, enabling us to dispense with the standard frame based and inaccessible viewer that comes with ArcIMS and structure the web page with XHTML and CSS, leaving all the interface implementation with JavaScript.